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Chief Station Alert provides fast, affordable station alerting to your in-house responders

Time is critical

An incident has come in. Time is of the essence in alerting your in-house responders. A station alerting system that leverages the power of the Chief Platform ensures that your responders are alerted quickly every time through both audible and visual cues.

Departments Using
Chief Station Alerting

  • Ocean City Maryland Fire Department
  • Sussex County DE EMS
  • Wauseon OH Fire Department
  • Christiana Fire Company DE
  • Salisbury Fire Department MD
  • and many more...

Information where you need it

Information is key when preparing to respond to an incident. Utilizing Chief Station Alert, your responders can easily get the information they need from text-to-speech announcements, LED signs, TVs, computer screens, and printed reports. We will work with you to custom design an expandable alerting package that fits your needs both now and in the future.

Features at a glance

Customizable alert sounds

Increase volume over time

CAD text to speech

Multi-zone capable

LED Signs

Works with Chief Display

Works with Chief Tone Alert

Doorbell notification

Activate engine bay doors

Automatic Tone Backup

Trigger lights and strobes

Customized alerts based on call type

Unlock exterior doors

Leverage existing hardware

Custom alerts based on time

Station alerting at a price you can afford

Don't pay tens of thousands of dollars on a station alerting system. We leverage the power of the Chief Platform so that you do not have to invest heavily in hardware that may be outdated in a few years. Additionally, we work with you to source local vendors or in-house personnel to install the equipment and wiring to save even further.

Get your responders attention with sound alerting

You can choose from our library of stock sounds or utilize a custom sound effect to notify your responders of an incident. In order to avoid impacts to situational awareness, the system allows for a custom length of time to slowly increase the volume of the alarm. In addition to simple sound effects, we can transform the incoming CAD data into speech to announce what the incident nature, location, cross streets and more.

Control lighting with Station Alert

Your responders don't need to fumble around in the dark or waste time flipping light switches. With Chief Station Alert, you can trigger low voltage LED or standard lighting fixtures to come on when there is an incident. This enables your responders to do what they need to do - get ready to respond to the incident.

Redundancy with Chief Tone Alert

Your citizens expect you to be there when they need you, but communication systems do break down. CAD systems go offline. Networks can crash. Internet outages. Radio Tower got hit by lightning. By using Chief Tone Alert to receive your agency's tones along with CAD data from Chief Messaging, you can have peace of mind that your personnel will be alerted. The system can be configured to automatically utilize tone data for an incident if no CAD data has been received.

Completely customizable system

No two agencies are alike. With Chief Station Alert, we work with you to custom design and build the features you want and need in an alerting system. In addition to the usual audible and visual elements, we can build in customized features such as alerting different zones based on incident nature or time, different sound effects based on incident nature, doorbell notifications, unlock doors, raise engine bay doors and more. If you have an idea for something you want to happen when an incident is received, let us know and we will be happy to discuss how to make it work!

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