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Chief Tone Alert bridges the gap between fire pager dispatching and smartphone notifications.

Your New Fire Pager

Whether your agency currently uses a text based CAD notification system or relies solely on voice-based paging... Chief Tone Alert is for you! Chief Tone Alert allows your staff to receive the same pages they currently receive via pager on their smartphone.

Increasing the ability to notify your staff is one sure-fire way to increase turnout at incidents!

Sample Tone Alert
Ocean City Fire Department

Chief Tone Alert Highlights

Expand your coverage

Supports Multiple Departments

Push Notifications

Early Alerts

Works with Station Alerting

Works with Chief Mobile

Improve Turnout

Low Monthly Fee

Fully Automated System

Chief Tone Alert enables you to carry your fire pagers virtually anywhere

Traditional fire pagers are limited in range and function. With Chief Tone Alert, you can monitor pages while outside your district, out for a jog, or on vacation. Volunteers that can't wear a pager in their professional office can now be notified and respond. Reach into buildings that because of their construction block out low power radio signals.

Instant notifications on your smartphone through Chief Mobile

As soon as our tone receiver matches one of the tones for your agency, your staff is instantly notified through a push notification on their Android or Apple based smartphones through the Chief Mobile app.

Play back the current alarm or review past incidents

Seaford Fire Company, Delaware

Wauseon Fire Department, Ohio

Odessa Fire Company, Delaware

Georgetown Fire Company, Delaware

Bethany Beach Fire Company, Delaware

Princess Anne Fire Company, Maryland

Subcribe to only the tones you want

Departments today are taking on a ever greater role in their communities. Agencies may have different tones for Fire, EMS, Dive Teams, Fire Police, Special Rescue, Hazmat, Officer Call, and more that are directed toward certain members. With Chief Tone alert, you have the ability to select only the tone sets you want to be notified for. Not on EMS? No problem! Simply choose the channels you want to be alerted for.

Simple and easy setup with LOW monthly fee

When you choose to enroll in Chief Tone alert, you will need to provide us with the radio frequency of your dispatch pagers, as well as the sound frequency of each of your tones. We support long tone, 2-tone, and multi-tone paging. We will pre-configure the equipment in a heavy duty enclosure that you can conveniently mount on the wall. Just plug in the power and network cable and you are all set!

Provide redundancy to your dispatch system

Your citizens expect you to be there when they need you, but communication systems do break down. CAD systems go offline. Networks can crash. Internet outages. Radio Tower got hit by lightning. You might have even forgot to charge your pager. Chief Tone Alert supplemented with Chief Messaging and traditional paging enables you to have the peace of mind that when someone calls 9-1-1 your members will be notified.

Chief Tone Alert supports multiple departments

Across the country, especially in rural areas, members frequently are members of mutiple agencies. Sometimes they volunteer in both the town they work and live. Or perhaps you are a paid staff member at one agency and a volunteer at another. Whatever the situation, if that agency utilizes Tone Alert, you can receive alerts from all the agencies you are authorized to be alerted for. They can even be set on a schedule!

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